Library rules and procedures

[Published date: 27/10/2020]

1. Membership registration

– To obtain an annual library card, you must fill out the Membership Registration Form and present your valid ID card.

– Membership fees:

  • For readers under the age of 18: free.
  • For readers aged 18 and older: 150,000 VND per year.

– If you want to check out NVH Library’s material, a deposit of 650,000 VND is required. Fines for overdue, damaged or lost books will be deducted from this deposit. When the deposit falls below 300,000 VND, you must make an additional payment for it to reach 650,000 VND.

– The deposit will be refunded when your library card expires and you stop using services at NVH Library.

2. Lending policies

– Checkout limit: 02 items at a time

– Loan period: 14 days

– Renewals: Items may be renewed twice with a loan period of 07 days at a time, after which they must be returned. You can renew books online by logging into your OPAC account.

– Items whose records have not been added to Library Catalog, rare and antiquarian books, newspapers, magazines, CDs/DVDs, and maps are not available for loan.

– Checked-out material may be recalled at any time if requested by another borrower. Recalled material must be returned by the new due date to avoid fines.

3. Fines

– Fines will be deducted from your deposit in the following cases:

  • Overdue items (if you fail to return or renew them on time): 10,000 VND/day/item.
  • Damaged items (slightly damaged, still recoverable): 50,000 VND/item.
  • Lost items (or severely damaged):
    • If you can provide a replacement copy of the lost or severely damaged item: The replacement copy must be sent to the library within a period of no more than 30 days for Vietnamese books, and 60 days for foreign books.
    • If you want to pay for the lost/severely damaged item:
      • If it is available for purchase: for Vietnamese books, the fee is current price + 50,000 VND; for foreign books, current price + international shipping cost
      • If it is out of stock: for Vietnamese books, fine amount = number of pages x 3,000 VND; for foreign books, fine amount = number of pages x 5,000 VND.

4. Borrowing procedures

– To help protect the Library’s collection, please store the following in our free lockers at the entrance: bags, food and drinks (transparent water bottles and drinks provided by the library are permitted), overcoats and umbrellas, any items that may harm the collection

– Present your card to the library staff.

– Select books from the shelves to read or check out.

– Bring the item(s) you want to borrow/renew/return to the librarian to carry out necessary procedures OR request them online and then go to the library to pick them up.

– The library will send you email reminders regarding your loans, renewals, fines, and other notices.

5. General rules

– Keep library materials and objects in good condition; do not write, draw, cut, tear or mark in books and documents.

– Maintain cleanliness and order.

– Do not smoke; do not bring foods or flammable substances into the library; do not disturb other readers.

– Follow policies and regulations of Nguyen Van Huong Library.